GAT Underlay

Rubber-Copy eco_felt_underlayment_830 GAT 2mm underlay

Gat Underlay is suitable for all bamboo, laminate and engineered timber floating floors over wood, tiles and concrete subfloors.

Underlay roll includes adhesive strip and 75mm overlap film for linking multiple underlay rolls and providing excellent moisture protection for longevity of the floor.

2,3 or 4mm form thickness corrects minor sub-floor imperfections.

Underlay surface is resistant to mould, moisture and mildew.

High density foam provides cushions flooring as well as underfoot comfort. Is also levels minor sub-floor imperfections.

GAT underlay provides floors with excellent cushioning and sound reduction.

In the growing market of bamboo, laminate and engineered timber floating floors, the biggest concerns are noise/sound and Water/Mould Damage. Gat underlay is manufactured to meet required standards in sound reduction, moisture protection, comfort and even minor sub-floor corrections.

Width of roll: 1.2
Length of roll: 50m
Thickness: 2 or 3 mm
Covers 60m2

Super felt underlay
Width of roll: 1.1
Length of roll: 8.5
Thickness: 4 mm
Covers: 9.3m2