Skirting Boards

New Generation Of Flooring Accessories

Global Alliance Trading provide the highest quality skirting boards which are incredibly easy to use and install and look second to none with a superior aesthetic look.

Our skirting are fire, water and high impact resistant which makes them the perfect long term skirting solution for your premises.

Check out our wide range of skirting below.

Skirting Boards Skirting Boards Skirting Boards Skirting Boards Skirting Boards Skirting Boards


– Ease of use – cable channel inside helps hide low voltage cables (phone, internet) without the need to drill the walls.
– Pre-finished wood-like and tile-like surface is available in multiple colours. It ideally matches the floor colour and does not need to be painted.
– Easy installation: because of the cable channel screw heads are not seen on the skirting and also do not require patching.
– Soft edges prevent dust and moisture ingress under the baseboard and floor covering. Also they help hide wall imperfections.
– Fire resistance and electrical safety comply with the Australian standards and regulations.
– High impact and 100% water resistance – the skirting is not affected by deterioration, in case of high humidity it retains its shape and size.
– Finished aesthetic look: the skirting ca be supplied with all necessary accessories of the identical colour to help conceal the edges and corners.
– DIY installation: you don’t need a professional handyman or any special tools to install the skirting. From now on you can easily do it yourself using only screwdriver, screws and wall plugs.




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Height (mm) – 60 and 88
Length (mm) – 2500
Depth (mm) – 23.2 and 26.3
Thickness (mm) – 1

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